Sep 7, 2014

Out and About- Cookies for Race Judicata

I know. I know. 

It's been too long since I've updated this little blog, but things have been some kinda busy here over the last few weeks. And, to be honest, I hadn't been cooking as much as previous weeks. But, I put in some solid kitchen hours this week because I had my very first official catering gig! 

Sure, I've catered fundraisers for my theater company and threw a BBQ for a friend's engagment party, but those were events that I did for friends. This was the very first time that someone who didn't know me trusted me to bake for their event. How scary/exciting! 

A few weeks ago, a member of the marketing team from Grant Thornton reached out to me to see if I would be interested in baking for Race Judicata, which benefits Chicago free legal services. It seemed like a good cause, so I jumped at the chance to really prove to myself that I could handle a big baking job. 

So, weeks later, after my first cookie and cupcake tasting with the team, it was time to deliver the goods. The baked goods.

300 of them. That's right. Three. Hundred.

300 cookies came out of the tiny kitchen, one sheet tray at a time, and they were pretty darn good.

After some deliberation and a tasting, the marketing team decided on three kinds of cookies: chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and lemon & lavender. 

Chocolate chip cookies were a hit with the kids, although my personal favorites are the lemon & lavender cookies. They're light and delicate, and the most complex in flavor, but a I think a few people were afraid it would be like eating potpourri. Not so! But, the surprise hit of the evening were the snickerdoodles. Seriously, people went crazy for those cookies. I mean, we had walk ups saying, "Where are the snickerdoodles everyone is talking about?" 

At the end of the evening, there are only a few cookies left and the marketing team from Grant Thornton seemed please, so I think it was an overall success. I'm very happy with how everything turned out and I can only hope that I get to do more events like this one!