Florida Devereaux is the alter-ego of Elise Mayfield.

Originally created for an acting class in 2008, Florida Devereaux sprang into action as a Southern washed-up sitcom star fighting to stay on top of the fame game the best way she knew how- with sequins and whiskey.

As the story goes, Florida Devereaux dropped out of high school and left her native Macon, Georgia to pursue her Hollywood dreams. She arrived in California on the heels of a vaudeville cabaret tour, and took her act to as many comedy clubs and open-mics as would accept her. Eventually, she was discovered performing for a senior citizens facility by an agent visiting his failing father, and he signed her within the week. Before she knew it, her dreams were coming true and she became the star of a hit sitcom called The Florida KeysThe Florida Keys featured Florida Devereaux working as a private eye on the tropical Southern coast, solving cases left and right while raising her orphaned niece and nephew. (Think Murder, She Wrote meets Full House meets Jimmy Buffet.) During the filming of the seventh season, Florida was offered a leading role in a big budget movie and she promptly halted filming to take the role. However, the movie fell through and by the time Florida realized it, her dreams were rushing down the drain. Nowadays, Florida spends most of her time burning DVDs of six and a half seasons The Florida Keys to sell on online, drinking at her local Applebees, and appearing at any event that will have her. 

In 2009, a show was created for her with Brain Surgeon Theater called Florida Devereaux Does the Holidays and a legend was born. Shortly thereafter, Florida broke out of the context of her show and began making appearance at fundraisers and cabarets. She is a frequent guest of Sideshow Theatre's CLLAW and has also performed with Food & Performance

You can keep up with Florida on her Facebook page.